Frozen Endzone becomes Frozen Cortex, because it’s not a Madden game with robots

Frozen Cortex

Mode 7’s Frozen Endzone has just undergone some drastic changes. The most obvious of which is the game’s rebranding. It’s now Frozen Cortex. The use of “Endzone” made folk think it was an American football game with robots, which it isn’t. The new name also brings it closer to the previous Frozen game, the wonderful Frozen Synapse. 

On top of the name change, there’s a big update today, tweaking a whole slew of things. 

Today’s update brings with it OSX and Linux versions, a new pitch, ball and new animations, and a complete overhaul to the game’s AI. The AI overhaul means better performance and more intelligent plays.

Five new stadiums have been thrown into the mix, as well, giving those sporty robots new places to show off their skills.

Mode 7 also promises major performance boosts. Most hardware should see a 50 – 100 percent improvement in FPS, while load times have been reduced as well.

A plethora of UI improvements round off the update, with indicators showing if a location is safe to move to, updated commentary text and changes to the throwing UI.

Frozen Cortex is currently in Early Access, with various bundles which you can throw money at. The basic tier will set you back £18.99/$24.99.