Rogue Legacy developers return for further pixelated brawling in Full Metal Furies

Full Metal Furies

Cellar Door Games, of Rogue Legacy fame and mild fortune, have returned. Their new game is Full Metal Furies, a one-to-four player co-op brawler about women killing tyrannical titans and bombing cats with a series of guns, shields, hammers and sniper rifles. Announcement trailer laying it all out above.

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Looks nice, eh? Teamwork is the theme of the piece, with each of the four characters having two special abilities effective at specific ranges. Of note is the single-player mode, where you’ll pick two characters and be able to freely switch between them – it looks pretty cool detailed above, and is detailed on the official site.

Bosses are huge, items are bought with earned gold, levels are gained – it’s standard stuff in that regard, with gear that modifies abilities and creates unique playstyles, or such is the plan. The redefinition of the brawler genre, as they’re advertising it, comes from dynamic camera usage that stops you standing at the edge of the screen endlessly wailing on approaching enemies. Speaking of whom, they’re massive bad guys called Titans whose wars among themselves have nearly destroyed the world – they’re going to do it again, and the Furies are going to stop them. That’ll be you, then.

No release date yet, though guaranteed for Xbox and PC if you have a preference in flavour. Worth scrolling down to the FAQ for a tad more info, like that it’s as hard as Rogue Legacy.

Thanks, Polygon.