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Mad Max meets Twisted Metal in new vehicular brawler you can play now

What do you get when you cross the apocalyptic open world of Mad Max with the wacky cars of Twisted Metal? Fumes, which you can try now.

Mad Max meets Twisted Metal in new vehicular brawler you can play now: A pixelated car driving away from an explosion

They just don’t make them like they used to, and by them, I mean games about cars shooting each other in big dust bowls and other vehicular arenas. Avalanche’s 2015 Mad Max game was close, and is a phenomenal game in its own right, but it doesn’t have the same je ne sais quois as Twisted Metal. Fortunately, Fumes is a new game which combines the desert and brutality of Mad Max with the retro aesthetic and wacky cars of Twisted Metal, and it has a demo you can play now.

Fumes is a new post apocalypse game featuring gorgeous stylized vehicular combat in both first and third-person. Well, sort of first-person. One angle is basically just behind a gun mounted on your hood, and the other takes a more zoomed out approach so you can see the carnage (pun intended) unfolding around you.

With thunderstorms off in the distance and bullets and explosions kicking up sand and dirt all around you, Fumes looks like a roaring good time. You can clamber into a semi truck to customize your own wagon of death with different wheels, body kits, and weapons. Once you’re kitted out, roam the endless wastelands and destroy any car that crosses your path.

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The Mad Max influences are clear to see, as the car in the trailer bears the license plate, ‘NOT M4X’. Just like in the Mad Max universe, the cars in Fumes are absolutely wild. As well as ones your own size, there are bosses to fight, one of which is a giant boat on wheels. Not just a rinky-dink fishing boat either, more like an oil tanker.

There’s no news of a launch date for the full game just yet, but you can get the Fumes demo on Steam, right here.

Once you’ve gotten some mud in your tires, you can try some racing games, or an open-world game where you probably won’t be a car.

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