Galactic Civilizations III announced by way of a birthday present

Galactic Civilization Stardock Entertainment

By way of celebrating its 20th birthday, Stardock has announced Galactic Civilizations III. According to the press release, the follow up to 2006’s sandbox galaxy game adds “new features including multiplayer, political intrigue, vastly improved visuals.” That’s right, the developers have made intrigue.

More importantly the game allows modding.

The game will only be available on 64-bit machines. “The move to 64-bit architecture heralds a new era of game development at Stardock,” said Derek Paxton, vice president of Stardock Entertainment. “The technology allows players to experience a level of graphical detail and on-screen activity unprecedented in large-scale strategy PC games. It dramatically increases the size and scope of the maps, and opens the door for modders to add a virtually unlimited amount of new content to the game.”

Stardock are selling different editions of the game, some including early access to the game. The $40 Founder’s Edition comes with beta access. The $100 Founder’s Elite Edition comes with all future DLC and expansions, potentially, if you like your Galactic Civilizations, this could work out as the most cost effective way of buying the game. You’ll also get to name a star in the game and alpha access.

Sales of Galactic Civilization III will begin soon.