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Galactic Civilizations 3 has been slapped with a release date

Galactic Civilizations III release date

Galactic Civilizations III, the 64-bit 4X space game, which launched on Early Access last year, has finally been blessed with a release date. It’ll be the first of Stardock’s titles to leave the dank dungeons of Early Access.

May 14th is when you’ll be able to get your hands on the finished game for £29.99/$49.99.

The game’s fifth beta phase started last month, adding pirates and more factions, including custom ones. Stardock’s also running a competition, tasking creative types with putting together a new custom race — either by using the in-game designer or by making a mod — which might end up as a minor race in the finished game. The closing date for entries is April 29th.

I haven’t jumped back in since beta 3, but I had a grand old time making giant penis ships when the beta first launched. Here’s a fleet of them:

I feel like I captured the essence of cock quite well, but I should emphasise that these are not combat vessels, and in a battle they would prove to be quite impotent. Willy jokes!