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Galactic Civilizations 3 now has Steam Workshop support and some map DLC

Galactic Civilizations III update

Galactic Civilizations III, despite being blessed with a bunch of fun factions, is at its best when you’re playing as a bizarre custom race that you’ve plucked out of your imagination, fielding Star Destroyers or Federation starships or something completely unique. 

As of today, Stardock’s 4X game now has Steam Workshop support, so if you want to play with lots of custom content but don’t have the time to make it all yourself, then you can just grab whatever you want from the already 500 strong list. 

Fancy conquering the galaxy with an Imperial armada? No problem. Here’s a Star Destroyer, TIE Fighter and even a TIE Interceptor. More of a Star Trek person? Here’s something for the spoon-head Cardassian lovers, Federation fans and, of course, everyone needs a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Someone also made a fish, because why the hell not?

As well as ships, you can download factions. 244 of them, to be exact.

Some DLC has also popped into existence: a map pack featuring eight new galactic battlefields ranging from gigantic to tiny in size. If you bought the Elite Founders pack, then you’ll get this DLC for free, and it’s £3.99/$4.99 for everyone else. Included with the DLC is a map editor, to boot, so you’ll never run out of space.