Galactic Civilizations III’s new Mercenaries expansion set to land in February

GalCiv 3

Space-sprawling turn-based 4X strategy game Galactic Civilizations III is set to receive a new expansion named Mercenaries, developer Stardock announced today. Focussing on a group of titular mercs, the DLC will add a new campaign, new races and the “ability to recruit elite units with special abilities.”

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The upcoming Mercenaries will operate around a shared pool of rogues-for-hire, each boasting a preset price tag and offering various buffs and economy boosts. As this band of mercs is shared, once a unit is hired and allocated to one player, this unit will be off the table an unavailable to everyone else.

“Each mercenary sets their own hiring price in terms of money and resource,” explains Paul Boyer, the game’s lead designer. “Because there are a finite number of mercenaries, each civilization is competing for their services. When one is hired by one civilization, it is no longer available to the others.”

The new Galactic Civilizations III expansion will also include two new factions: the Arceans and the Torians. A new campaign will centre around the latter as players are tasked with freeing this peaceful race from the unscrupulous Drengin tribe. Check out the latest trailer:

Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries is due for release on February 18, and will cost $19.99. The incoming update – number 1.6 – will also arrive at this time.