Star Wars Battlefront-inspired Galaxy in Turmoil single and multiplayer demo out 2017

Galaxy in Turmoil

EA might have been forced to shut down Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil – an unofficial Star Wars Battlefront game that shared the same core principles of the original FPS series, with massive maps, space battles and everything else fans say was missing from DICE’s modern take on the series – but it’s still being developed, albeit without the licensed title. 

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We reported on EA protecting their Star Wars IP earlier this year, but it doesn’t seem to have affected Galaxy in Turmoil’s development schedule much, as there’s a demo coming next year.

Developers Frontwire Studios announced the demo’s release earlier this month, saying to expect “the full Galaxy in Turmoil demo in Q3 of 2017”.

“I know you may be asking yourself why we are not releasing the demo until Q3 of 2017,” say Frontwire in the announcement post. “The answer is simple – we want to make sure that the GiT demo is 100% playable and bug-free.”

The developers say they won’t even think of going down the crowdfunding route until players can test the quality of the game first.

So they’re planning on delivering a polished demo, perhaps to recapture the interest of those put off by the game no longer rocking the Star Wars license.

The demo will contain various multiplayer modes, maps and vehicles, but it will aslo contain a single-player story that the developers say they “believe will BLOW you away”.

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