Star Wars Battlefront-inspired FPS Galaxy in Turmoil teases one of its sci-fi maps

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Galaxy in Turmoil, a spiritual successor to the original Star Wars Battlefront series, just got a new trailer to show off one of its work-in-progress maps. The creators might not be able to use the Star Wars name anymore, but there’s still something about the flowing lava, sci-fi architecture and sweeping plains that’s very Lucas.

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EA were forced to protect their Star Wars exclusivity, so now Galaxy in Turmoil is taking place in its own sci-fi galaxy, probably far, far away from wherever Star Wars is set. It will allow mods, though, so don’t be surprised when Star Wars characters and locales to appear in a non-official form.

For now, though, check out Nak-Thi, an inhospitable planet “buried in dirty snow and pockmarked by volcanoes”. You can see its flat plains in the trailer embedded above. 

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Kulkun avatarEsivo avatar
Kulkun Avatar
9 Months ago

Called their bullshit so long ago. They did something they knew wouldn't work and I said "they're gonna get shut down and then remake it with their own unique whatever while maintaining the hype that it was what Battlefront was supposed to be." Now they're doing exactly that. Don't believe the hype! It'll probably be shit but they did all this to fuel up the hype train.

Esivo Avatar
9 Months ago

I don't see how that would help them since the game is F2P. I mean if it had a $40 pricetag then okay but all they're doing is using BF3 assets and giving them out to the world by changing the name. OFC a lot could change until the release so let's just not hate right away.