Game of Thrones season finale trailer is packed with spoilers

Game of Thrones season finale

If you’re up-to-date with Telltale’s Game of Thrones then you’re free to proceed. If not, I have to ask you to remain outside, since the trailer for the season finale is filled with spoilers. In fact, it’s almost entirely composed of spoilers, revealing some of the biggest decisions players have made across the season. Then there’s a bit at the end that shows some clips from the final episode, which releases today.

As you watch, you’ll be reminded of some of the tough choices you’ve had to make, such as which Forrester brother had to remain at the keep and face certain death at the end of episode five. We’ll be able to discover if we all made the right decision today, since episode six: The Ice Dragon, is available in a few hours.

Overall, Game of Thrones has been Telltale’s least favourably received adventure, with criticisms ranging from the muddy oil painting-like art to the cast of characters that are basically Stark family 2.0. Our own Fraser was fairly critical of it in his review. Personally I’ve found the game to improve episode-on-episode, with some very interesting choices to make, which are further complicated by what we know from events in the show. It’s by no means the masterpiece The Walking Dead has been, but if that first episode put you off, I would encourage you to return if you’re a fan of Westeros.