GAME Pad hotel suite is one of the more expensive ways to spend the night playing games


GAME have opened a hotel suite in London specifically tailored to gamers. For £200 a night you get access to a room with consoles and a fridge with beers in it. Wait, don’t go, GAME aren’t truly suggesting you spend that much for just beers and a night of gaming. You get pizza too.

Further details of this offer are included below, should you wish to spend £200 on a night of renting games.

Polygon pointed this ad that had appeared on the GAME website.

The way GAME put it is “Sick and tired of being interrupted when you’re gaming? No time to complete your favourite games? Or just looking for that perfect present for the gamer in your life?

“Here at GAME we know it’s never just a game – it’s so much more. This year Santa and his elves have been busy making sure every gamer’s dreams come true and have created the ultimate gaming experience: the GAME Pad.”

I’m just going to interject at this juncture – if you have “No time to complete your favourite games” it may not be wise to invest inan entire day and night at a hotel. And, if interruptions to your gaming are driving you to the point that you’re considering spending £200 to vacate your own premises, you may want to consider a restraining order. They’re essentially free if taken to the magistrates court.

“The GAME Pad will also be fully stocked with pizza, snacks, bottled beer, wine and soft drinks to keep your energy levels high so you can stay up well into the night – without being nagged to do the dishes!”

Second interjunction – I’m just going to lay these two things against each other “The GAME Pad will also be fully stocked with […] bottled beer” + “to keep your energy levels high so you can stay up well into the night” and casually put this wee picture here.

If you’re sold on this £200 night of rented gaming then you can book a suite here.