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Games Workshop latest: Chainsaw Warrior comes to PC


More than 20 years after anybody dared hope for an adaptation, Games Workshop’s bloodiest board game in a crowded field is hopping to PC. A suicide mission for one player, Chainsaw Warrior will ask you to face overwhelming odds in the vain hope of saving New York from a larger-than-usual outpouring of zombies and mutants.

Chainsaw Warrior is destined for both PC and mobiles, and developer Auroch Digital is home to Tomas Rawlings, Wellcome Trust compadre and designer of truly excellent PC/mobile XCOM-alike Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land.

But what am I thinking? For a more convincing introduction I should have simply referred to the game’s own ace blurb, which reads: “New York has only an hour left to live!”

As everybody knows, a New York minute is very short indeed, which leaves this ex-special forces soldier – pulled out of retirement for one last spree, no less – with not very many turns to clean up a very big mess.

“A rare and strange phenomena known as ‘spatial warping’ has resulted in a dimensional breach from our world into a nightmare space beyond,” explain developers Auroch, “through which have poured legions of zombies and mutants.

“This particular spatial warp is believed to be controlled by a singular power, known as Darkness. Experts believe that the creatures may be defending the dimensional breach whilst Darkness completes its plans to pull the city though into the beyond.”

Oo-err. On a more hopeful note, Chainsaw Warrior is the fourth announced Games Workshop-blessed PC game currently in development, following Space Hulk, Blood Bowl 2, Slitherine’s 40k strategy game, and whatever it is Creative Assembly are working on.

Unless there are more? Have I missed any out?

Thanks to PCGamesN launch editorDan Griliopoulosfor pointing this one out.