Tickets for Gamescom 2017 are now available to buy


Fans of amazing sausages, good beer, new videogames and queuing rejoice – tickets are now available to buy for this year’s Gamescom. 

Our upcoming PC games list is about to take a hammering. 

It’s not until August, but if you buy your tickets now you’ll get them at early bird prices: weekday tickets for adults are 12.50 EUR, while Saturday is 16.00 EUR.

Tickets sold out quickly in 2016, so it’s definitely worth getting in now if you have an interest in heading out to Cologne this year. All the prices and details are on the official Gamescom site.

There are a bunch of different options, and many of them are on limited offers.

The annual videogames event takes place between August 22-26. August 22 is media and trade day, while the other days are open to the general public.