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Separate desks from drinks in style by picking the best gaming coasters

You can pick the best in gaming coasters to make sure your desk is well-protected

You’ve got to stay hydrated while you game, but you typically need both hands to play. That means you need a place to put that drink down. If you don’t want to ruin your desk or coffee table, that means coasters. The folks at Ponoko have put together a contest letting you vote for the best gaming coaster designs, and we’ll soon help give away a few of the coolest.

Designers have submitted their best gaming coaster ideas, and you can vote for the best choices from now until Saturday, October 20 – that’s this weekend, so you’ll want to hurry. We’ll have 15 sets of four coasters to give away soon so you can have some custom designed and cut desk protectors of your own free of charge.

Ponoko is an online laser cutting service, giving businesses an opportunity to quickly and easily manufacture items through small sheets of various materials – like coasters. The idea here is to let some designers showcase their work and get a leg up on turning those designs into commercial products with minimal fuss.

For you, that means cool gaming coasters. Head to the voting page to make your choice, and stay tuned for details on the upcoming giveaway. There’s a planet’s worth of coaster options out there, and you need the best.