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Celebrate NordVPN’s 10th birthday with a 70% off two-year plan

Not only do you get 70% off the two-year plan, but you'll also get up to two years of extra VPN subscription time thrown in for free.

A special promotional image of 'NordVPN 10' popping out of a card to mark the company's 10th birthday.

On February 9, NordVPN began celebrating its tenth birthday, and it’s strange to think that just over a decade ago, we were living in a world without these stalwarts of the VPN community. To mark the occasion, you can now get two years of NordVPN’s top rated security plan at 70% off.

With the discount, the two-year VPN plan costs $84 (or the equivalent of a mere $3.49 a month). By comparison, if you were to buy a month on its own, it would cost you $11.99, meaning the two-year option’s a much more cost effective plan if you’re looking for a great gaming VPN that’ll you’ll use all the time.

But that’s not all. If you do decide to purchase the two-year plan while this offer is in place, you also get a free gift. What is that gift? Extra subscription time, but the exact amount is random for each customer. You could get one month, one year, or two years extra subscription time. This opens up the possibility of getting four years of NordVPN for $84, or $1.75 a month – but only if you get lucky, and only if you get NordVPN before March 10.

If you don’t know much about NordVPN, here’s a list of some of the benefits that they provide:

  • Access the internet via one of over a thousand servers in 60 different countries, allowing you to access regionally restricted content from around the world
  • Use with supported streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and more.
  • Up to six simultaneous internet connections, potentially protecting a whole household online
  • Quicker data encryption thanks to Nord’s WireGuard Protocol, which
    keeps your internet activity safe, secure and private
  • Support for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices
Buy now

If you want to get NordVPN while it’s on offer, you’ll need to act quickly. The 70% discount will drop to 66% after today ($96, or $3.99 a month), which is still a hefty deduction, but, come on, you may as well get the best discount that you can.

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