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This custom gaming PC is a Minecraft bee farm

A custom gaming PC is a chance to let creativity shine, and this Minecraft fan has done just that with this rig, which honours the blocky game’s buzzing insects

The Minecraft gaming PC against a backdrop of bees

A gaming PC is more than just its CPU and graphics card, as proven by this modder who has turned a rig into a reflection of their love for Minecraft, both inside and out. It probably was only a matter of time before someone took the most successful sandbox game in the world and built a system that pays tribute to it.

For this custom PC, Reddit user 1yardloss focuses on Minecraft’s bee mobs, complete with a honeycomb-themed case, fans, and honey orange lighting. There’s also a transparent film on a Vetroo light display at the bottom of the case, which features an image of the adorable scattering brown and yellow insects.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about this build is the fact that its creator has inserted a little scene in the centre of the case. A close examination of the inside shows some fake grass, complete with a Minecraft beehive plonked on top of the GPU backplate. The fact that the CPU cooler is themed similarly only adds to the creativity that’s gone into this custom gaming PC.

A gaming PC based on Minecraft Bees glows orange with bee themes throughoutImage credit: 1yardloss

In terms of its spec, 1yardloss says this Minecraft bee-C (so funny!) sports an Intel Core i7 4770 CPU, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, and 12GB of RAM. Okay, so it might not be the best gaming PC or have the best graphics card under the hood, but that’s not what makes this build so interesting.

Its appeal is that, as well as being a nifty looking rig, it continues a long tradition of creating a custom gaming PC that honours the games we love. This Minecraft rig is just one of many ways that gamers can really show off their more creative side, with God of War and Fallout 4 receiving similar treatments from other builders. Most importantly, though, it also gives us a chance to use a bee pun in an article.

Visit their website to see how the build has evolved over time. There are a few more custom PCs to feast your eyes on, too, based on Studio Ghibli, Kirby, and Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Resident Evil.