This gaming PC TikTok creator is a menace to society

There's a TikTok gaming PC creator that will shock your rig to its core, but the tech tinkerer's chaotic experiments could teach us a thing or two about CPUs

CPU on motherboard with toy figure being pressed into heatsink

The internet is a tech tip treasure trove, but if you happen to be a sentient gaming PC, there’s a TikTok creator you should fear. While most enthusiasts treat the best PC parts with kid gloves, this particular expert puts gaming CPUs and other parts through torturous experiments, all in the name of ‘what if’ science.

TikTok maker Mryeester (aka Adam Yee) is a self-proclaimed tech tinkerer, and most of their clips are an example of what not to do with a gaming PC. From using beans instead of CPU thermal paste to chopping a banana with an RGB fan, this creator’s experiments will give careful PC gamers chills.

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You could describe Mryeester’s videos as horrifying, amusing, or a weird mix of the two, Yet, if you look past the chaos, the clips answer many curious questions no one else would dare to ask. For example, we now know a CPU will still work if you bury it out in your garden, and a PC chip can apparently survive living in your freezer for a month.

It’s worth noting that Mryeester does occasionally make traditionally informative content, with videos covering things like thermal paste application and how to clean your graphics card without opening it up. However, there’s even another reason for the TikTok creator’s absurd experiments, as the creator says the aim is to give you the confidence to build your own gaming PC without fear.

Please, whatever you do, don’t try this at home.

Mryeester’s quest to put PC parts to the test will no doubt continue to answer questions nobody asked, and that’s all part of the appeal. The creator is undeniably a menace within the tech scene, but there’s arguably something to be learned from the tinkerer’s tumultuous endeavours. Who knows, perhaps we’ll end up discovering something more effective than thermal paste that lives on supermarket shelves.