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Garry’s Mod can now use Steam’s chat filters

The latest update to Garry's Mod allows users to toggle on Steam's chat filter rules, however they've set them up

A character uses a gravity gun to give a sandwich to a Heavy in Garry's Mod.

Madcap 2006 sandbox game Garry’s Mod just got a minor update that adds a nice new feature. Now players can activate Steam’s chat filters in the in-game chat, and Garry’s Mod will apply whatever rules you’ve enabled in Steam’s chat settings. It’s a game (is it a game?) that’s always been very weird, but now at least you can keep your chat from getting too aggressively weird.

With the latest update installed, Garry’s Mod has a new option available in the chat’s filters section. Along with the tick boxes for filtering joins and leaves, server messages, team changes, and the like, now there’s a box labelled “Filter Profanity (Steam settings apply)”. Checking this box will pull the rules you’ve set up in Steam for chat filtering.

This means you can set up chat to censor profanity and slurs with alternate characters, allow profanity but censor slurs, or to turn off filtering completely. There’s an option to exempt your friends from the filters’ rules, and you can add any words you like the ‘allow’ and ‘ban’ categories.

The rest of the patch notes can be found on Steam. Read our story on the Making of Garry’s Mod to find out more about this strange and subversive toybox.