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Gauntlet dropped: GOG introduces GOG Galaxy, an optional DRM-free gaming platform

GOG Galaxy announced

GOG announced its very own online gaming platform which also serves as a gentle slap on the faces of Steam, Origin and Uplay. 

Announced at the CD Projekt Red and GOG summer conference, GOG Galaxy is described as GOG’s vision for a “truly gamer-friendly”, DRM-free gaming platform. 

With Galaxy, GOG is offering an entirely optional service that doesn’t need online activation to work. In fact, the platform doesn’t require the internet at all unless you want to play online or share achievements with friends. The point is to make it optional and leave it up to the user, letting them decide which features they want to use.

Galaxy will also feature cross-play, not restricting users from playing games with folk using different platforms such as Steam.

One of the titles going on Galaxy, The Witcher Adventure Game, originally a board game, was also revealed to be making its way to PC. Signing up to test the client also gives you the chance to get into the game’s closed multiplayer beta.

It’s nice to see more competition that isn’t just “Steam, but worse”.