Gaze upon Skyrim’s Dawnguard


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard (Dawnie to her friends) looks like a deliciously evil chunk of DLC, asking the player to choose between the fight between good and evil: be a vampire, or be part of the people that fight those twinkling, bitey jerks. We have a gallery of screen for you, but you must promise to only look at them after dark, or the vampy shots will complain.

I vant to show you a gallery of screenshots from the upcoming DLC. Muahahahaha!

Choose to side with the vampires means giving yourself, body and soul. The perk is you get to look ugly and hurt people.

They’re not doing away with the awkward constellation based skill tree, sadly, but the vampire image is at least striking.

This just in: vampire nipples are gross.

The Dawnguard, meeting to discuss what to do with vampires, and deciding how many stakes to buy.

The vampire’s lighting bill must be huge.

Count Duckula, before his morning coffee.

The newly patched in horse back combat. Don’t look so smug, you couldn’t do this for months.

And a new weapon: the crossbow, probably necessary to puncture vamp hearts.

Dawnguard guarding the dawn. It might look poetic, but five minutes before he was guarding the toilet.

This is Fort Dawnguard. What a boring name for the home of vampire hunters. Fort “Kill Those Flappy Jerks” would have been much more appropriate.

“With this hammer, I will guard the Dawnguard DLC. You will not pass before June 26th.”