Gears of War 4 unveils its class-based Horde mode in new trailer

Gears of War 4

Classes are so in right now, aren’t they? Even Gears of War 4 is getting in on some of that class-based action in its upcoming Horde mode. 

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Horde mode in the original Gears of War set a trend for the same kind of wave defence cropping up in every shooter thereafter, but now it seems the series is happy to follow current trends instead of setting them. That’s the issue with established franchises, I suppose.

Now Horde has a sniper who snipes things in the head. There’s the engineer who builds and repairs gun emplacements. There’s the soldier who’s an all-rounder who can sneak grenades into enemy’s pockets – though I’m pretty sure every class can do the same. The scout class can see through walls. And finally, the heavy uses big guns and shoots things a lot.

You know the drill, basically.

To be fair to Gears of War, the ability to hold a posiition and cover firing lines with gun emplacements will only improve the mode, adding a tactical layer to the everyday shootybangs. Here’s the new trailer: