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New Miller Rapport walks you through the 12 slays of Christmas

miller rapport 12 slays Christmas

Simon Miller is back in a brand new episode of The Miller Rapport, and this week he’s serving up a great big spoon of Christmas cheer. Of course for Miller, cheer is synonymous with gore and mutilation, so he’ll actually be walking you through the 12 most brutal gaming deaths of 2016.

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Expect plenty of Gears of War, accusations against your lifting habits and a fresh rant about how boring No Man’s Sky is – it just wouldn’t be Christmas without harsh and unnecessary criticism. So settle in as Miller serenades you with a muscle-bound riposte to that most annoying of Christmas songs: the 12 days of Christmas. Of course any song that was published before the invention of whey protein powder has no place in Miller’s life, so instead here’s the 12 slays of Christmas, devoid of any melody but with an extra helping of gibbing.

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