Genshin Impact’s 1.2 update brings a new icy mountain to explore, and it’s out now

You can now find plenty more to do in Genshin Impact if you’re looking for something to keep you occupied during these festive times. The anime game’s 1.2 update – called The Chalk Prince and the Dragon – should now be available for you to try out.

The update opens up Genshin Impact’s first extension to its map. It’s a chilly mountain called Dragonspine that poses environmental challenges. While traversing the mountain you’ll start accumulating Cheer Cold, and once it reaches its limit, you’ll start losing health. You can keep it under control by finding bonfires, torches, and other sources of heat, so make sure to take a moment or two here and there to keep it under control.

It looks like there’s plenty of incentive to explore, too. Aside from new puzzles and quests, you can also stumble across the Frostbearing Tree, which offers you rewards if you give it Crimson Agates – it’s the season of giving, after all. Dragonspine is also the setting for the new Chalk Prince and the Dragon season event. It features two five-star characters called Albedo and Ganyu you add to your party if you fancy. The first is a young alchemist who wields a sword and geo’s power, and the other is a bow wielder who is an emissary and secretary for the Liyue Qixing.

There are plenty of new weapons, too, such as a five-star sword called Summit Shaper that gives you an attack boost when you whack something on the noggin. You’ll have to wait until January 12, 2021, to nab it, though, as that’s when the Epitome Invocation event kicks off.

There are also new artefacts to hunt, alongside a heap of other tweaks. You can find the 1.2 update patch notes on Mihoyo’s website if you fancy seeing them in full.

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