Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru Tree of Dreams rewards found by leakers

Genshin Impact's 3.0 Sumeru Tree of Dreams rewards have been leaked ahead of the update, so be sure to check them out to get ahead of the competition

Genshin-Impact-3.0-Nilou-Teaser (2)

Every major region in Genshin Impact contains an almost overwhelming amount of collectibles to find that can be used in various ways to help you on your journey through Teyvat. One such collectible is Sigils – items used to purchase resources or upgrade specific named structures in the world, like Inazuma’s Sacred Sakura tree. In Genshin Impact version 3.0, Sumeru’s Tree of Dreams will take Dendro Sigils and provide players with rewards. Thanks to a recent leak, we can see exactly what players can expect to get from the tree.

Twitter user Sipsipsquad uploaded a highly detailed infographic that lists all of Sumeru’s Tree of Dreams rewards. The items listed are very similar to the ones that can be obtained from the Sacred Sakura tree. There are Talent books, Acquiant Fate for wishes, Primogems, Crowns, and plenty more. The main difference here is that, if this leak is correct, the Tree of Dreams seems to require more Sigils per level than the Sacred Sakura. The former needs 35 Dendro Sigils per level, while the latter only needed 25 Electro Sigils per level.

This might be an indication that there will be more opportunities to collect Sigils in Sumeru than there were in Inazuma. It could also hint at the possibility of Sumeru’s chests containing more Sigils on average, since opening chests is the quickest way to find Sigils in every region. For someone who has opened far too many Common Chests to find one Electro Sigil at a time, this would be the best news by far.

According to the infographic, a total of 1750 Dendro Sigils are required to reach the max level for the Tree of Dreams, so get ready to collect for hours on end when the update goes live.

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