Genshin Impact player earns 36 stars in Spiral Abyss in just six days

This committed Genshin Impact player has to fully clear the RPG's Spiral Abyss endgame challenge with a new account taking only six days

One unbelievably dedicated Genshin Impact player has somehow earned all 36 stars in the RPG‘s Spiral Abyss on a brand-new account in just six days. For most players, including myself, it’s hard enough to do this on a main account with access to several strong characters, so this feat is truly remarkable. An incredible amount of game knowledge, skill, and planning is needed to pull this off (a bit of luck doesn’t hurt either).

A Chinese player named Lugufan (陆孤凡) is the one who accomplished this tall task. You may actually remember their name, as they’re the same player who recently got 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss in just 16 days. This time, they beat their own record in Genshin Impact version 3.1.

Lugufan used a Bloom team led by Nilou in the first half and a Hyperbloom team led by Kuki Shinobu in the second half. The first team was comprised of Nilou, Dendro Traveler, Xingqiu, and Candace, while the second team’s members were Kuki, Barbara, Lisa, and Collei.

You can watch the Spiral Abyss run on Lugufan’s bilibili channel to see the teams in action. None of the characters have reached max level and many of the artifacts used aren’t normally considered the most optimal, which makes this even more impressive.

Those of you who have yet to earn 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss might be interested to know which new, helpful characters are coming in the version 3.2 banners. The Dendro Archon, Nahida, is arriving alongside four-star Cryo user Layla.