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Here’s the first gameplay of Horizon’s Aloy in Genshin Impact

Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy is coming to Genshin Impact soon, and here's our first look at her in action in gameplay.

Genshin Impact's take on Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy

The main character of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Aloy, is set to debut in Genshin Impact in the 2.1 update – which may well drop at the end of this month if the current release schedule holds true. Aloy hasn’t been seen so far, certainly not playable, but thanks to a leak fans have got their first look at Genshin Impact’s Aloy in gameplay.

We know quite a bit about how Horizon’s Aloy will play in Genshin Impact, including all her abilities, but other than a cool piece of concept art she hasn’t been seen in motion. Thanks to a piece of leaked gameplay that popped up on Streamable (via Reddit) fans now see how Aloy looks in the game, as well as some of her abilities in action.

Sadly the clip’s only 18 seconds and includes the player switching over to another recent character, Kazuha, but it shows at least a snippet of how Aloy will play – and how her abilities can be utilised by the game’s other characters.

The clip shows Aloy using her Frozen Wilds elemental ability to summon Cryo bombs, after which the player swaps to Kazuha and uses her own Wind ability to pull the bombs together in a neat pile. They then swap back to Aloy to show off her excellent Ultimate ability Prophecies Of Dawn, where she spectacularly detonates an explosive Cryo-filled power cell with her bow.

Aloy gameplay from Genshin_Impact_Leaks

There has to be an official gameplay reveal of Aloy in action soon if her release is likely to be at the end of this month. While strictly speaking her 2.1 release is exclusive to PlayStation platforms, as Genshin Impact has cross-save players can claim her via a PlayStation account and then carry on playing on PC – otherwise, Aloy will be available to everyone in the 2.2 update later on.