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Genshin Impact Archon Quest Chapter II - Act 1 and 2 guide

A complete walkthrough for ‘The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia’ and ‘Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow’ Archon Quests

Characters talking in a tea shop in Genshin Impact

The search for Traveler’s sibling continues in the Genshin Impact 2.0 Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I & II. The Archon questline is basically the main questline in the game, so there’s plenty of new lore to be discovered. But most importantly, Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I means finally exploring Genshin Impact’s new region, Inazuma. All you need to do is join Beidou on her ship and set sail!

If you need any assistance, we’ll walk you through the full Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I & Act II below. Keep in mind that only those with an Adventure Rank of 30 or higher can start the new Archon Quests. Every other Traveler needs to level up first.

Furthermore, you need to finish all the previous Archon Quests before you can start. That includes Chapter II: Prologue ‘Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves’ which came out in Genshin Impact 1.6. If you meet every requirement, the Archon Quests pop up in your Journal automatically. Let’s go to Inazuma!

Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I ‘The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia’

You start Act I at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor. The first part of Archon Quest Chapter II Act I is called ‘Setting Sail’, and requires you to complete the following steps:

  • Talk to Katheryne in Liyue Harbor, then find Beidou’s ship east of Guyun Stone Forest. You can teleport to the Domain of Guyun, climb the rocks, and then glide down to reach the ship.
  • Talk to Beidou on the ship.

Two characters talking outside in Genshin Impact

Doing so triggers the cutscene that takes you to Inazuma. You’re automatically greeted by Thoma, and the ‘Confessions of an Outlander’ quest starts.

  • Talk to the NPCs. When giving Werner the Mondstadt and Liyue specialties, you can choose any item (so pick one from a large stack).
  • Follow Keijirou without him noticing. Just keep a lot of distance; he walks down the stairs to the right so try to avoid that area. Dig up the thing he just buried, then continue talking to NPCs.

Unfortunately, you find yourself stuck in Ritou. You now need to complete the ‘Ritou Escape Plan’ quest:

  • Try walking out the gate (this won’t work though).
  • Go to the Kanjou Commissioner’s Office and talk to Hiiragi Shinsuke.
  • Meet Miss Hiiragi between 18:00 and 24:00 ‘at the marked location’. The location is only visible on the map after 18:00 though, so speed up your in-game time first (clock icon, main menu). The meeting location is next to the Commissioner’s Office.
  • Escort the goods. Try to walk ahead of the transport and engage your opponents before they can get to the balloon.

Running up steep stone steps in Genshin Impact

Next, visit the Komore Teahouse in Inazuma City to deliver a letter in the ‘Three Wishes’ quest.

  • Enter the Teahouse and talk to Thoma.
  • Go to the Statue of the Omnipresent God (the huge one in Inazuma City).
  • Visit the Kamisato Estate and speak to Ayaka.

You’re now tasked with helping three NPCs who lost their Vision. You meet the first one in ‘The Meaning of Meaningless Waiting’.

  • Enter Konda Village and talk to the NPCs.
  • Search around Tejima’s house for clues. You’ll find a log in front of it.
  • Turn around, then walk to the little shrine on your right. Then use Elemental Sight to follow the trail and investigate some rocks (next to a tree).
  • Go back to Tejima and talk to him.

You find the next Visionless character in ‘To Treat the Well-Meaning Well’.

  • Talk to Kurosawa in Inazuma City.
  • Go to the indicated location and defeat some Treasure Hoarders.
  • Visit Aoi’s shop in Inazuma. If you used the northern city Teleport, she’s on the right side of the road.
  • Talk to Kurosawa again to complete the quest.

‘A Swordmaster’s Path is Paved With Broken Blades’ takes you to the third Visionless NPC.

  • Visit the Dojo just north of Inazuma City. Set the timer to 18:00 again (unless your current in-game time is between 18:00 and 24:00), and talk to Junya in front of the Dojo.
  • Follow the ‘suspicious person’, talk to him, then return to the Dojo.
  • Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine, which is located on top of the mountain (northernmost peak). This is where you meet Yae Miko.

You’ve done as Ayaka asked. The Archon Quest now continues with ‘A Flower Blooms in a Prison’.

  • Visit Ayaka at her estate again, then go to the Naganohara Fireworks and talk to Yoimiya.
  • Help Master Masakatsu: enter the Police Station (secret passage is behind the building), defeat the opponents inside, and move the wall (more opponents behind it). Whenever you come across one of the three shrines, grab the amulet and continue your Domain run until you find Masakatsu.

Finally, go back to Komore Teahouse to finish Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I.

Standing outside the Komore Teahouse in Genshin Impact

Archon Quest Chapter II: Act II ‘Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow’

After completing Act I: ‘The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia’, you need to complete Ayaka’s and Yoimiya’s Story Quests. Once you’ve done so, you can start Archon Quest Chapter II: Act II: ‘Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow’.

You will start this Archon Quest with the ‘Amidst Stormy Judgment’ sub quest. Talk to Yoimiya, and head to Komore Teahouse in Inazuma City:

  • Talk to Ayaka in Komore Teahouse.
  • Interfere with the Vison Hunt Ceremony next to the Statue of the Omnipresent God.
  • Defeat the Baal in Genshin Impact. As you probably guessed, the Electro Archon’s Vision is Electro, so make sure you’re prepared to fight a difficult Electro boss. Two Cryo characters will get you an Elemental Resonance buff against Electro.

Baal raising a sword into the sky in Genshin Impact

If you’re successful against the Raiden Shogun, the ‘In the Name of the Resistance’ quest will take you to Tatarasuna.

  • Go to the indicated locations and listen or talk to the NPCs (you have to defeat a few enemies as well). You eventually arrive in Fort Fujitou, on Yoshiori Island.
  • Get through the dialogue. When Tokuda asks you for an ingredient, choose between Wolfhook and Onikabuto (a purple beetle indigenous to Inazuma). It doesn’t matter which one you pick.
  • Follow Teppei. You can take your own route to the indicated location though.
  • Time for an archery lesson! In this minigame, you have to teach the resistance how to shoot. Be sure to only hit the blue targets; hitting red ones will result in failure. You only have a minute and half for a total of 20 targets, but this should be more than enough. It’s not necessary to charge all your shots.
  • Get repair materials (take the wooden planks nearby).
  • Talk to General Gorou, then go to the frontline at Nazuchi Beach.
  • Another fight starts: ‘Defeat the Shogunate’s Forces’. Despite the title, there’s only one guy you have to defeat in a duel. Compared to the Raiden Shogun fight, this one is not too hard.

Now all you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the epic final cutscenes. Congratulations, you’ve completed Archon Quest Chapter II: Act II ‘Stillness, Sublimation of Shadow’!