Get Genshin Impact Primogems just by talking about Baizhu

Genshin Impact's newest online event is in the form of a discussion that focuses on Baizhu and Ganyu, the new five-star banner characters in version 3.6.

Genshin Impact wants your first impression of Baizhu for Primogems: anime man with green hair and glasses with a snake around his neck

This new Genshin Impact web event is asking players to start discussions relating to the current banner characters, Baizhu and Ganyu. In exchange for responding to two given prompts, HoYoverse will be giving out free Primogems. It’s a small amount of Primos, but every little bit counts if you’re planning to pull for the five-star characters along with the new four-star, Kaveh.

The event is now live and it’ll be open until May 10. 200 winners will be chosen and announced a week later, on May 17. The winners will receive 60 Primogems and all participants will get an event-exclusive avatar frame for HoYoLAB.

The discussion prompt for Baizhu is “What is your first impression of Baizhu?” Meanwhile, the topic of discussion for Ganyu – who is enjoying her third rerun – is more abstract. The event asks “Do you have any special hobbies in your lives?” This is in reference to Ganyu’s habit of taking afternoon naps nearly every day, no matter where she is.

Respond to one of these prompts in the comment section on the event’s HoYoLAB page to automatically enter into consideration for the Primogem prize. And even if you don’t get a prize, you can also use the currently available Primogem codes to give yourself a few extra wishes.

Genshin Impact wants your first impression of Baizhu for Primogems: chibi anime characters next to event text on a green background

Those of us who have been playing the game since its launch will remember that Baizhu was introduced a long time ago, but he’s only just become playable in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.6, over two years later.

Ganyu was introduced early on as well, but she’s made four banner appearances in nearly the same span of time.

The second half of Genshin Impact version 3.6 has just begun, so you’ll have plenty of time to pull for Baizhu, Ganyu, and Kaveh before the next update comes around. And if you’re unsure of who to go for, have a look at our Genshin Impact tier list for a bit of guidance.