Genshin Impact leaks say Baizhu isn’t a healer, despite being a doctor

These Genshin Impact leaks suggest that Baizhu, the doctor who owns Bubu Pharmacy, won't be a healer when he finally gets added to HoYoverse's anime RPG.

Genshin Impact leaks say Baizhu isn't a healer, despite being a doctor: anime man with green hair and a white snake

A few recent Genshin Impact leaks have suggested that the boss of Bubu Pharmacy, Baizhu, won’t be the healer that players expected him to be. Bubu Pharmacy is regarded as the finest pharmacy in all of Liyue and much of Baizhu’s dialogue thus far has been medicine-related, so this does come as a surprise. It looks like he will, however, bring a different kind of support to the anime game‘s growing roster.

If the leaks are correct, Baizhu will be a shielder instead of a healer. His elemental skill will generate a shield and it’ll have a hold version as well. This elemental skill setup sounds similar to the kits for both Diona and Zhongli – arguably the two best shielders in the game for most team comps.

Baizhu is also listed as a five-star Dendro catalyst user, so there shouldn’t be any changes to his Vision like with Wanderer. His attacks and animations are snake-like or related to snakes – no doubt having something to do with Changsheng, the snake that’s always wrapped around Baizhu’s neck, and the snakes often seen on medical symbols in real life. And for those who haven’t noticed, the doctor even has snake-like pupils in his eyes.

Finally, one of his abilities allows him to convert a percentage of his attack stat into elemental mastery, which seems perfect for a Dendro character.

Genshin Impact leaks say Baizhu isn't a healer, despite being a doctor: anime man with green hair and white snake

Overall, Baizhu is looking like a mix of support and sub-DPS. All of this leaked info is subject to change, but another shielder would diversify our Dendro choices further, especially since the newly-released Yaoyao is a Dendro healer.

The biggest leak comes from Drak, who is the owner of the Kusanali Mains Discord server – a large community of players totalling over 22,000 members. This Reddit post has all of the details if you aren’t a member of the Discord.

Baizhu likely won’t be arriving until version 3.6, and we’re not even halfway through Genshin Impact version 3.4. There’s still time to save Primogems and pull on the current Genshin Impact banners for characters like Alhaitham and Xiao before Hu Tao and Yelan arrive.