How to break Suda’s Flow in three locations in Genshin Impact

Find out where and how to break Suda’s Flow in three locations as part of the Genshin Impact Afratu’s Dilemma world quest in Sumeru’s new area

How to break Suda's Flow in three locations in Genshin Impact: Ruin Golem Cockpit

You will be asked to break Suda’s Flow in the three locations as part of a Genshin Impact world quest, but it’s not clearly explained what this is, and you need to know where to look. With the release of Genshin Impact 3.1, the Teyvat map has expanded once more with an extension to the south of Sumeru, bringing new quests and events to the RPG game. As you explore the Valley of Dahri in the Land of Upper Setekh, you will meet Afratu, who tasks you with entering huge robot ruins.

As you make your way towards the cockpit of the ruin golem, you must break some green, glowing orbs before being asked to “break Suda’s Flow in three different locations”, which isn’t really explained fully within the anime game. However, all it really needs you to do is explore the vicinity, breaking more of these orbs which are apparently “Suda’s Flow”. Keep reading to find out where each of the three locations is, and how to break Suda’s Flow.

Genshin Impact Suda's Flow

How to break Suda’s Flow in Genshin Impact

As you may have already discovered making your way to this point, you need a bow user in your team as some Suda’s Flow is high up or otherwise out of reach. If you are playing free-to-play, you could consider using either Amber or Collei.

From where you start this part of the quest, in front of the sealed ruin golem’s cockpit, you should be able to see another green orb nearby. Destroy this and a door behind it will open up, revealing three more Suda’s Flow. Destroy these to complete the first location. A cutscene will show you another door opening up.

The new location that has opened up is opposite the first, on the other side of the cockpit. Just inside on the right is another orb, which again should be broken to reveal more. Look above you in this new room, where three more Suda’s Flow orbs are on the ceiling. Once all three have been destroyed, another cutscene will reveal the third and final location, through the tunnel underneath the cockpit.

Finally, glide down the tunnel to the very bottom, where six more Suda’s Flow orbs will be dotted around the area. Break all six to finally open the seal on the cockpit, which you can now enter.

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Now you know how to break the Suda’s Flow, you can continue with the Afratu’s Dilemma world quests – and your exploration of the Great Red Sand. You’ll want to have the best team build while you do so though, so be sure to take a look at our Genshin Impact tier list, featuring all the new characters available. Also, make sure you have redeemed all the latest Genshin Impact codes, and use those free Primogems on the current banners to fill any gaps in your character collection.