Genshin Impact clearance message – Scarlet Sand Slate unlock

If you’re sick of seeing the “You do not have enough clearance” message in Genshin Impact, you need to find the Scarlet Sand Slate in the desert

Genshin Impact Clearance: a close up image of the Scarlet Sand Slate and a panel within the ruins

Unsure of how to get past the Genshin Impact clearance message? The Genshin Impact 3.1 update introduces the sandy region known as the Great Red Sand. This location is made up of three distinct points of interest: Land of Upper Setekh, Land of Lower Setekh, and Hypostyle Desert. Once you make your way into the ruins, certain devices may greet you with the following message: “You do not have enough clearance”.

The reason why you’re receiving this message is because you haven’t unlocked the Scarlet Sand Slate device. You need this device to explore the ruins hidden in the desert – fortunately, you can pick this up during one of the early quest chains. There’s a chance you may have stumbled upon this message without completing any quests, in this case you need to head to Aaru Village to begin the quest chain.

The anime game won’t give you access to the ruins in Great Red Sand until you’ve completed the main quest chain, the Golden Slumber. You can start the chain by speaking with Bonifaz in Aaru Village – check out our Lost in the Sands quest guide to get an overview of the opening quest.

Upon completing this quest, you receive the Scarlet Sand Slate from Tirzad. The slate gives you access to a number of important devices in the ruins, providing you special clearance into locked-off areas. In order to activate the Plinths of the Secret Rites found within King Deshret’s ruins, you need to go into your inventory and view the Scarlet Sand Slate. This process turns the statues from red to blue, unlocking brand new areas inside the ruins.

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