Genshin Impact cosplayers gather to wish for primogems

Genshin Impact cosplayers at FanimeCon 2022 came together to all pray to one person dressed as a giant primogem, a currency in the open-world anime RPG game

Genshin Impact cosplayers wish for primogems: Xiao surrounded by primogems

Genshin Impact cosplayers at the Fanime convention this past weekend gathered together to wish for primogems in a fun way – by all praying to one person dressed as a giant primogem. Fans of the open-world game will be well aware of the constant need for demand for Genshin Impact primogems, which are one of the game’s most-used currencies and are used to obtain wishes for new Genshin Impact characters and more.

In recognition of this, a group of cosplayers dressed as various members of the anime game’s cast all grouped together around a fan in a giant primogem outfit, kneeling down and raising their hands in prayer to wish for good luck in their character rolls.

One of the cosplayers, TheMochaMegan, who was dressed as Hu Tao, says that the wholesome moment happened spontaneously when several Genshin Impact cosplayers ran up to the primogem-sporting individual and kneeled down in worship. She comments that she added, “Please let me win 50/50, please don’t make me lose the pity,” referring to the 50/50 chance to obtain the event character from the pity roll on a current Genshin Impact banner.

The Genshin Impact 2.7 release date is tomorrow (May 31), and the new update preload is available now to speed up your ability to get into the latest version. Fans are eagerly anticipating the new Genshin Impact Yelan banner, which stars the incoming hydro-wielding bow user, so no doubt they’ll all be joining Megan in her prayers.

If you’re playing Hoyoverse’s anime RPG game, check out all the current and upcoming Genshin Impact events, as well as the best Yelan team composition to prepare you for the newest character’s arrival.

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