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Genshin Impact Echoing Tales event: all 32 Echoing Conch locations

Here’s where you can find the available Echoing Conches

Barbara wearing her white and blue summertime sparkle outfit in Genshin Impact

Are you looking for the echoing conches for the Genshin Impact Echoing Tales event? You’ll need 24 echoing conches to unlock Barbara’s Summertime Sparkle outfit – the only problem is that a limited number of shells appear at the beginning of the Echoing Tales event. You must play through each act in order to access all 32 conches.

Genshin Impact 1.6 also features a rerun of Klee’s banner, giving players a chance to unlock her, Fischl, Sucrose, and Barbara. Later in the update, we expect to see Kazuha, a five-star Anemo Sword user who hails from the region of Inazuma. This region has been teased for a few months now, and it looks like there could be several new Genshin Impact characters heading to the game soon.

The big prize for collecting the echoing conches is Barbara’s outfit, but that isn’t the only reward on offer. You can earn numerous rewards depending on how many echoing conches you find; there’s mora, hero’s wit, and even primogems up for grabs if you can find all 32 items before the event ends.

Act 1 Echoing Conches Locations

The first batch of echoing conches are easy to find, though the one on the Broken Isle involves the most steps. Travel to the Broken Isle waypoint and search for the waverider summoning post. Sail the waverider towards the island located on your right. Be sure to climb the left side of the rock which doesn’t contain any trees. Climb up the rock and touch the closest ledge – the echoing conch is located on the tallest rock.

Teleport to the Twinning Isle waypoint, make your way to the left and look down. You should be able to drop down to the area with a large tree. There should be planks of wood littered on the floor, alongside an echoing conch on top of a rock. Travel back to the waypoint and float towards the second island right in front of you. Aim for the raised part of the island and search the wrecked campsite to find the echoing conch on top of the remains.

The easiest way to find the echoing conches on Pudding Isle is to teleport to the waypoint first. Once you land on the island, look directly behind you and head towards the campsite. You should find an echoing conch laying on a rock towards the left side of the boxes. Head back to the waypoint and jump towards the second Pudding Isle island. This island is fairly small, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding the echoing conch which is laying on a large rock.


In an unexpected turn of events, 23 echoing conches were made available across the islands in Act 2. Some of these shells might be harder to acquire depending on the level of your characters as enemies may be lurking on the isles. The developers have introduced a handy interactive map containing the locations to all of the echoing conches available.

To make things easier while you’re playing, we’ve highlighted each of the echoing conch locations at all four isles.

Act 3 Echoing Conches Locations

The final four Echoing Conches are available in Act 3. Their locations are highlighted in the maps above.

Genshin Impact Echoing Tales Rewards

  • 4x Echoing Conches – 30000x mora, 2x talent level-up materials, 60x primogems
  • 8x Echoing Conches – 30000x mora, 2x talent level-up materials, 60x primogems
  • 12x Echoing Conches – 30000x mora, 2x talent level-up materials, 60x primogems
  • 24x Echoing Conches – Barbara outfit, 30000x mora, 2x talent level-up materials, 60x primogems
  • 28x Echoing Conches – 30000x mora, 10x hero’s wit, 10x mystic enhancement ore
  • 32x Echoing Conches – 30000x mora, 10x hero’s wit, 10x mystic enhancement ore

And that’s every echoing conch location revealed so far in Genshin Impact. It looks like this update will only feature one new character, but we expect the 1.7 update to introduce several more. Ayaka and Yoimiya are the two characters from Inazuma likely to join the game – as a Cryo Sword and Pyro Bow user respectively, there’s a good chance they’ll end up placing highly on our Genshin Impact tier list.