How to get primogems by streaming or watching Genshin Impact 2.8

Genshin Impact 2.8 is here, and to mark the Summer Fantasia event, you can earn primogems by watching or taking part in Twitch streams – here’s how

Genshin Impact 2.8 has finally launched, and to mark the new Summer Fantasia event, you can earn free primogems either by watching or streaming the game on Twitch – here’s what you can get, and how you can get it.

As per the official post from HoYoverse, the streaming event runs from July 14 up until August 7, though registration is open now. During that period, if you link your HoYoverse account to your Twitch account, you can pick up mora, enchantment ore, and precious primogems just by watching special Twitch-drop-enabled Genshin streams.

15 minutes watched gets you 20,000 mora; 30 minutes earns four sanctifying unction; 60 minutes gets you five mystic enhancement ore; 90 minutes brings you three hero’s wit; but the real prize is the 30 primogems, which you get for watching two hours of drop-enabled streams. Just keep an eye out for Twitch streams with the “drops enabled” tag, and make sure you’ve linked your HoYo and Twitch accounts beforehand.

But if you want to get in on the action and earn some extra goodies, you can stream Genshin yourself, and pick up hundreds of primogems in the process. Start by registering for the 2.8 event – you’ll need to link an email to your HoYoverse account, and then create a Genshin Impact Global UID. Connect everything to your Twitch account, and between July 14 and August 7, make sure you’re streaming on Twitch’s Genshin Impact channel.

Six hours of streaming over the whole event period earns you 200 primogems. Stream an extra three hours – for a total of nine – and you’ll get another 200 gems. Push that to a total of 12 hours, and you get another 400 gems.

Basically, if you stream for a total of 12 hours, you’ll earn 800 gems. Phew. Numbers are hard.

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You’ll also get rewards for concurrent viewers – reach 50, and 1,200 primogems are yours to keep. The authentication and verification period for the event runs from August 8 to the 24, and you won’t get your rewards until 30 days after it’s completed, meaning you can expect your goodies near the end of September. Nevertheless, that leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the Sumeru region, along with the new Dendro users, and whatever mysterious things are going on with the Harbingers.