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Huge Genshin Impact leak reveals several upcoming Fontaine characters

A new Genshin Impact leak provides an extremely early look at the lineup of characters coming throughout the Fontaine updates beyond version 4.0

Huge Genshin Impact leak reveals several upcoming Fontaine characters: anime girl with white hair and blue eyes

A recent Genshin Impact leak has given us a look at the unreleased Fontaine character designs well before their planned releases. The Genshin Impact version 3.4 release date is set for January 18, so we’re barely even halfway through the Sumeru update. These leaks show images of characters that’ll presumably be released in the anime game‘s version 4.0 update or later.

Late Liyue and Inazuma characters were leaked way back in the earliest versions of the game, and this situation is similar to that one. To put things in perspective, Yaoyao will appear on Alhaitham’s banner in version 3.4, but her design was leaked over two years ago.

This leak contains a total of seven characters that we’ve never seen before, and there’s no telling how long it’ll be before we see them join the roster. Almost all of the characters have a sort of steampunk vibe, complete with a few tophats and modified formal clothing.

However, a few of those seven characters aren’t from Fontaine. Known Genshin leaker Mero stated on Twitter that players should be prepared for a Mondstadt update in the future, which will introduce some of these new characters. You can check out their tweet along with the leaked image by going to their Twitter page.

Huge leaks like these can be tough to verify when it comes to what’s true and what isn’t, but another prominent and trusted Genshin leaker, SaveYourPrimos, also took to Twitter to confirm that the lineup of characters is real even though some colour palettes seem to have changed from what was expected.

As always, leaks on this scale are subject to change, especially since the content shown will likely be released months from now.

If you’re more focused on the RPG’s immediate future, be sure to read up on which characters are available on the current and next Genshin Impact banners. There’s just over a week left for the Raiden Shogun and Ayato banners, so pull for them while you can if you’re interested.