Genshin Impact HoYo quiz event offers rewards from July 9

The Genshin Impact HoYo quiz event begins July 9, rewards include a prize pool of 300,000 primogems as well as chances to win a plush toy and character coasters

Genshin Impact HoYo Quiz - Vago Mundo plushie

Genshin Impact has no shortage of events, and another one is starting up today that offers several rewards while we wait for the Genshin Impact 2.8 update. The preliminary phase of the HoYo quiz event for the anime game is now underway to get fans ready for the real deal.

The new quiz event, detailed on the HoYoLab site, is a ‘Guess That Image‘ game, and players will be tasked with creating silhouette quizzes for each other that can include images of monsters, artifacts, characters, or other content from Genshin Impact. Gather blacked-out/silhouette images and use the hashtag ‘#HoYo Quiz’ in a post on the HoYoLab site to participate.

Today’s preliminary portion of the event is a “warm-up” that’ll lead into the official HoYo Quiz July 9 start date, which is when players can begin competing for a portion of the 300,000 primogem prize pool. The main event takes place on the HoYoLab app and is a 10-question quiz that’ll test players’ knowledge about the game, giving them 15 seconds to answer each question provided. Results for the main HoYo quiz will be announced on July 31.

For now, though, we have the Guess That Image warm-up. These warm-up rewards are limited to a HoYo quiz avatar frame for your HoYoLab profile, as well as the opportunity to win a Vago Mundo plush toy and character-themed coasters for some of the most popular Genshin Impact characters.

Both quiz-makers and quiz-takers can get in on the prizes, so don’t worry if creating quizzes isn’t exactly your thing. All creators who post within the event timeframe will receive the avatar frame, and 20 of them will be randomly selected to win the Vago Mundo plush toy.

As for the quiz-takers, 10 participants who provided correct answers in the comment sections under the quizzes will be selected to receive character-themed coaster sets. Each account can only win one merch prize during the event, so don’t expect to be that lucky.

In other Genshin Impact news, a new Sumeru teaser has shown off a brief glimpse at the open-world game‘s next upcoming location.