Genshin Impact goes Dragon Ball Z for its first 2.1 event

Hyakunin Ikki is a free-for-all fighting tournament where you beat the snot out of mobs of goons

The setting of Genshin Impact's Hyakunin tournament

Anyone who has watched Dragon Ball knows a good anime is never complete with a good fighting tournament. It’s a fact of life we assume Genshin Impact developer Mihoyo also holds in high regard, as the anime game is getting another event that’s themed around a fighting tournament to bring in update 2.1.

Hyakunin Ikki is a free-for-all fighting tournament held in an unknown guild hall near Inazuma City. Essentially, you batter goons to rack up enough points to win challenge rewards like Primogems, Hero’s Wit, talent level-up material, and Mora. It kicks off tomorrow (September 2) and is hanging around until September 13.

There are a total of six challenges for you to complete in Hyakunin Ikki, with one more unlocking each day as the event rumbles on. You create six tag teams of two characters to take on the challenge, calling upon Garyuu Arts to add some flare. Each tag team gets two to use, and they offer buffs like increased attack speed and more health regen on each blow. Each challenge presents three difficulties that raise your score multiplier in exchange for a more brutal contest.

You can also use a relay skill to swap to the next tag team every ten seconds, which you’re incentivised to do. If one team is on the field for longer than 25 seconds, their ability will “drastically decrease”. You can also clear debuffs by swapping and avoid failing the challenge, as it’s all over if one tag team perishes.

If you fancy giving the tournament a go, you’ll need to hit Adventure Rank 30 and complete the Archon Quest “Ritou Escape Plan”.

Now that update 2.1 is here, you can wish upon the Genshin Impact Baal banner if you fancy adding the Electro Archon to your squad. We’ve also got heaps of Genshin Impact codes if you fancy some goodies.