Genshin Impact leak suggests Kusanali will be a strong support

This new Genshin Impact leak lists a number of details about the Dendro Archon's abilities and potential role ahead of her release in version 3.2


A recent Genshin Impact leak has provided a ton of info about the unreleased Dendro Archon, Kusanali (AKA Nahida). It seems as though Kusanali will fill a support role by buffing Elemental Mastery for teammates, which is great news for those who wanted to put her on a team with the other three Archons that are currently available. If the details are true, she’d be a strong support for the Raiden Shogun thanks to the powerful reactions between Dendro and Electro.

The leak comes from a Twitter user named Uncle J who talks about Kusanali’s characteristics and talents. They describe her as an “ultimate EM buffer” who can increase Elemental Mastery for on-field teammates. Additionally, Kusanali’s signature weapon will increase ATK based on Elemental Mastery, which is precisely the kind of effect she’d benefit from.

The tweet goes on to say that Kusanali is a pure off-field support when she has no constellations, but can change. Her C1 resolves any energy recharge deficiencies she has, while her C2 makes Kusanali a viable sub DPS, and C4 increases support capabilities even further. Lastly, C6 gives her the ability to carry the team with spread reactions.

Uncle J’s info dump is also somewhat backed by a tweet from known Genshin leaker, hxg_diluc, stating that Kusanali is a support at C0. They also mention that the Dendro Archon has Energy Recharge issues, which fits with what Uncle J said about her C1. This little tidbit makes her pairing with the Raiden Shogun even better, as the Electro Archon buffs the team’s ER stats.

If you’re more interested in the other upcoming character banners, you can check out our coverage for those as well. Newcomers Cyno, Nilou, and Candace are joining the roster in Genshin Impact version 3.1, and it’s rumoured that Venti and Eula will be arriving as well. Meanwhile, Kusanali should get her banner in version 3.2.