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Genshin Impact leaks suggest new cat girl is another Geo shielder

Genshin Impact leaks have been dropping info about the new Inazuman cat girl all week, and this time, we're finally learning more about her kit.

Genshin Impact leaks suggest new cat girl is another Geo shielder: anime man with brown hair and yellow eyes

Recent Genshin Impact leaks provide a few more details about the upcoming cat girl who hails from Inazuma. If the details are true, her name is Momoka and she’s another Geo shielder. While it does make sense thematically for a Geo character to generate shields, this will be the anime game‘s third Geo shielder, alongside Zhongli and Yun Jin. Hopefully, she can do enough to set herself apart from the others, outside of being part cat.

New shielders are certainly welcome if they can fill an elemental role while protecting the team, but to be a new Geo shielder when Zhongli already exists is going to raise a lot of questions. Zhongli has the strongest shields in the game, no question, so now we need to know what else Momoka has to offer.

Yun Jin, for instance, provides useful attack buffs alongside her shield, greatly benefitting characters like Yoimiya and Hu Tao. Even so, Zhongli is also often used on those same teams because his shield is just that good.

It’s also been said that Momoka will be a five-star sword wielder, which would make her a candidate to be the first Geo character to enter the standard banner. There’s no way to know for sure, but it would be stranger if she didn’t get added, seeing as there will already be two Pyro claymores and a Dendro character in there by the time she arrives.

Genshin Impact leaks suggest new cat girl is another Geo shielder: anime girl with black hair and purple clothes

These details come from Mero on Twitter, and you can get a preview of what she looks like from another Genshin leaker named kuroo, although they have deleted the images from their Twitter page.

We won’t see Momoka until version 3.6 or later, but with Genshin Impact version 3.5 currently underway, you can pull for one for Cyno or Dehya — one of the aforementioned Pyro claymores. And those who wait can pull for Ayaka and Shenhe in the second half.