Genshin Impact leak takes us inside a Sumeru desert temple

A recent Genshin Impact leak brings us to Sumeru's desert for a sneak peek before the region is officially introduced in the RPG's version 3.1 update

Genshin Impact leak: A large stone building rises from the middle of an empty desert

It seems like we’re seeing a new Genshin Impact leak every day, and the latest Genshin Impact version 3.1 leaks are getting a bit out of hand with showing off the new update’s content. This one provides a detailed look at Sumeru’s upcoming desert region and, more specifically, we see several rooms inside one of Sumeru’s large desert temples in a lengthy walkthrough.

A number of players are currently spending time in the version 3.1 closed beta and have been sharing their experiences with those of us who are on the outside looking in. YouTuber Kira uploaded a video in which they wander around inside a completely empty temple in the western desert region of Sumeru. We know where the desert will is there on the current 3.0 map, tantalizing us with the promise of yet more new secrets to uncover. We just can’t enter it yet.

Kira uses both Yelan and the unreleased polearm Hydro character, Candace to navigate the temple’s interior. We don’t see any notable abilities or combat gameplay here other than Yelan’s Elemental Skill since it allows her to move faster – and unhindered, thanks to a new change to how alt-sprint mechanics work.

The clip is all about exploration. There aren’t any enemies in sight, which indicates that Kira either defeated them all before re-entering the temple, or they’re playing in a private server where various aspects of the game can be controlled at will.

The interior of the temple seems to be Egyptian-themed, as it’s filled with statues, sculptures, and wall art that instantly brings pyramids and Egyptian funerary practices to mind. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the designs for characters like Cyno and Candace.

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