Genshin Impact leak suggests Xiao and Yelan reruns in version 3.4

This Genshin Impact leak states that HoYoverse will be bringing Xiao and Yelan back for rerun character banners in the anime RPG's version 3.4 update

Genshin Impact leak suggests Xiao and Yelan reruns coming version 3.4: anime girl with blue hair and blue eyes

A recent Genshin Impact leak has listed the ever-popular Xiao and Yelan as the two remaining five-star reruns that’ll be available in the anime game‘s version 3.4 update. HoYoverse has already announced that Yaoyao and the highly-anticipated Alhaitham will be the newcomers in 3.4, and Hu Tao is rumoured to be the final rerun.

Genshin Impact version 3.4 is likely to cause some anxiety for a number of players seeing as its character banners offer three of the most beloved five-star characters in the game alongside a fan-favourite newcomer from Sumeru.

Even players who aren’t invested in the characters from a favouritism standpoint will know that Yelan and Hu Tao have been sitting at the top of every Genshin Impact tier list since their respective releases, and Xiao is usually just a tier or two lower.

Yelan is a bow user who offers quick and effective Hydro application thanks to her speedy elemental skill and the large AoE of her elemental burst. In fact, she works perfectly in Hu Tao teams as an off-field sub-DPS.

Hu Tao is one of the best main DPS characters in the game with powerful Pyro-infused normal and charged attacks. Her burst also provides healing and an incredible amount of single-hit damage.

Xiao isn’t as powerful as Hu Tao as a main DPS, but he can arguably be stronger than he ever was if you’re willing to pull for a C6 Faruzan. Even without that support boost, Xiao’s AoE Anemo damage is great for destroying groups.

HoYoverse hasn’t officially revealed Alhaitham and Yaoyao’s abilities just yet, but we do know that they’re both Dendro characters — the former uses a sword while the latter has a polearm.

This leak comes from the usually-reliable SaveYourPrimos, an account that sources all of their leaks and datamined info.

It might be tough to save for those upcoming heavy hitters, as Genshin Impact version 3.3 is currently offering Wanderer, with Raiden Shogun and Ayato coming in the second half of the update.