Genshin Impact map bug reveals unreleased areas of Teyvat

This Genshin Impact map bug temporarily altered the view of Teyvat, revealing several unreleased regions that usually can't be seen in the HoYoverse's anime RPG

Genshin Impact map bug reveals unreleased areas of Teyvat: anime girl with white hair floating

This odd Genshin Impact map bug ended up doing more good than bad, as it revealed large sections of Teyvat that have yet to be released. Usually, the RPG‘s unreleased regions are covered by dark spaces on the map that can’t be removed until the required updates go live. In this situation, the bug removed those dark spaces, which gives us a glimpse at the potential shape and borders of upcoming nations.

Reddit user asian_sock shared four images depicting the bug in a thread after their game crashed. From the screenshots, we can see a transparent, white filter on the sections of the map that have yet to be added to the game. The white filter covers all of the areas that should be blacked out.

The player mentions that some sections of the Sumeru desert added in Genshin Impact version 3.1 are also visible, even though they haven’t actually unlocked them through the Statues of the Seven just yet.

As for the regions that are usually covered up, the bug allows us to see more of the desert to the west, some green zones north of Mondstadt, and sections of land north of Sumeru. The extended desert to the west likely connects to the Pyro region, Natlan. Meanwhile, the green areas north of Mondstadt may be connected to the Hydro region, Fontaine, and bits of the Cryo region, Snezhnaya.

There are only three major, unreleased elemental regions left, as HoYoverse has already covered Anemo, Geo, Electro, and Dendro. So, it’s relatively easy to speculate which major areas are coming next and where they could be based on the bugged map.

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