Genshin Impact and Elden Ring collide in bizarre new mod

Elden Ring modders are still active, and this time, they've created a Genshin Impact crossover that has Mona Megistus fighting a Mitachurl Elden Lord.

Genshin Impact's Mona battles a Mitachurl Elden Lord in wild crossover: anime girl with purple hair and surprised expression

This Genshin Impact crossover is an Elden Ring mod that swaps out character models to produce unexpectedly funny – and terrifying – results. The swap has the player using Mona Megistus from Genshin Impact in place of the Tarnished, fighting against a monstrous Mitachurl enemy that’s swapped in for Godfrey, the first Elden Lord. Mitachurls aren’t the most fearsome enemies in the anime game, but the mod provides a bit of a surprise in phase two of the boss fight.

Honestly, the model swaps are oddly fitting for the characters they represent. Mona is a mage who uses astrological knowledge and celestial magic to attack enemies, which is why it doesn’t look strange to see her wielding a staff and attacking with Elden Ring incantations.

Mitachurls won’t strike fear in the hearts of OG Genshin players, but they do have large models and wield giant axes, making them good substitutes for Godfrey. The second phase of the Elden Ring boss fight shakes things up, though, giving the Mitachurl a model change just as Godfrey would transform into Hoarah Loux.

The Mitachurl evolves into a Lawachurl – a much more challenging enemy that fights with its bare hands, just like Hoarah Loux. It’s all quite well thought out, and the models work better than expected with the boss’s move sets.

"Hilichurl, First Elden Lord" Bossfight
by u/H4xolotl in Genshin_Impact

The video above comes from a Redditor named H4xolotl via bilibili. They’ve also posted Genshin Impact model swaps for Elden Ring in the past, with the most notable being a change to the infamous Malenia boss fight.

Instead of Malenia, blade of Miquella, she became Ei, blade of Makoto, in reference to the Raiden Shogun and her late sister.

The Raiden Shogun isn’t currently available on the Genshin Impact version 3.6 character banners, but she still ranks high on our Genshin Impact tier list. Also, don’t forget to give yourself more wishes with the current Primogem codes before they expire.