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Genshin Impact Nilou and Albedo banners produce middling day 1 sales

Genshin Impact's Nilou and Albedo banners seem to to be least popular duo in version 3.1 when looking at sales from the first day of release

Genshin Impact Nilou and Albedo banners produce middling day 1 sales: anime girl with red hair and blue eyes

Genshin Impact’s current Nilou and Albedo banners aren’t nearly as popular as other recent character pair-ups when looking at sales numbers. However, this dip in interest should be somewhat expected, as Nilou and Albedo have been placed right in between two character banners that fans have not stopped talking about since their initial reveals. It’s likely that many players are trying to save Primogems again after having just spent plenty on the first half of version 3.1.

Nilou and Albedo arrived right after Cyno and Venti’s successful banners, which also featured fan-favourite newcomer Candace. Many players have just recently spent their hard-earned Primogems – or real money – pulling for the cool five-star Electro DPS and the Anemo Archon. It’s not hard to see why sales numbers would be a bit low in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.1.

On top of that, players are now looking forward to pulling for the Dendro Archon, Nahida, and the relatable sleepy Cryo user, Layla. Those two will be joining the roster in version 3.2, so, for many, it’s time to save Primogems, not spend them.

Genshin Impact banner sales graph made by Genshin Lab shows day one sales

The Nilou and Albedo banner sales chart comes from GenshinLab, a site that compiles data taken from the Chinese App Store. This means that only iOS users are taken into account, but the information still represents a large portion of the game’s audience.

As you can see, Nilou and Albedo sit just below the middle point of all the previous banners, as they produced about USD $2,249,543 on day one. For reference, the highest day-one sales come from the recent Kazuha and Klee rerun in version 2.8, which made about $6,923,844 USD.

If you’re trying to save as many Primogems as possible before version 3.2 goes live, be sure to check out our guides for version 3.1 that’ll help you break Suda’s Flow, unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars domain, and more.