Genshin Impact parody invites you to join the Arataki Gang

A fan's Genshin Impact parody based on the Kuki Shinobu hangout quest invites you to join the Arataki Gang with a fantastic recruitment video for the anime game

Genshin Impact parody video - Arataki Itto

If you’re feeling a little lost in the world of Teyvat, a new Genshin Impact fan parody video invites you to join the lovable scoundrels of the Arataki Gang in a humorous recruitment video put together by community member genshashin. The video, based on the recent Kuki Shinobu hangout quest introduced in Genshin Impact 2.8, features gang leader Arataki Itto along with his sidekick Kuki Shinobu and several of the gang’s other members.

The Arataki Gang Recruitment Video by genshashin is an incredible piece of editing – especially considering the limited tools available to create custom content around the anime game’s world and characters. The video opens with narration from Kuki Shinobu, who describes the gang as “a legitimate international organisation” and discusses their various business portfolios in rather entertaining fashion.

Gang leader Arataki Itto himself, labelled as the ‘Arataki Gang CEO,’ also takes centre stage, showing off his fun-loving side with clips of him engaging in hide-and-seek and beetle fighting. Kuki says that as a relatively new organisation to the region, the gang has run into a “recurring issue” of people misinterpreting their intentions, so they decided to employ a marketing agency to help improve their image.

You can check out the production for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

The video also features some of the minor characters from the Arataki Gang, such as Genta, Akira, and Mamoru. Even the credits are very funny – though we won’t give away why.

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