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Genshin Impact Pizza Hut event gets shut down for being too popular

The Genshin Impact Pizza Hut event enticed an overwhelming number of fans, which led to police involvement to control the crowds of RPG fans

Genshin Impact Pizza Hut event: A small floating child looks sadly to her left

The Genshin Impact and Pizza Hut event became too popular for its own good, as huge crowds of the RPG game‘s fans flooded a food establishment in China. This overcrowding forced the police to get involved and shutt down the in-person event in order to keep everyone safe. This is an unfortunate, yet unsurprising outcome when we consider just how popular Genshin Impact is.

Redditor Fabuloso81 uploaded images of a Pizza Hut in China that show the outside of the store before and after everything gets shut down. In the first image, we can see a large crowd blocking the entrance to the store in what appears to be a mall. The second picture shows a sign on the door and a police officer standing right next to it. This is just one store, but one would assume that this is happening at other establishments as well, given the history of these kinds of Genshin Impact events.


HoYoverse held the same kind of collaboration event with KFC in China just last year, and it lead to the exact same outcome — the in-person portion of the event was cancelled due to an overwhelming number of fans showing up in stores. Eventually, the rewards from the collaboration became digital-only downloads, which may happen again after this Pizza Hut situation.

The digital rewards for the Pizza Hut collab include a special Kamera, a furnishing stand for the Serenitea Pot, various themed food dishes, and plenty of Mora. While these are certainly nice, it’s likely that fans crowded Pizza Huts to physically receive the Eula and Amber-themed cups, plates, and extremely limited mousepads.

Coincidentally, there’s also a new Kamera available in-game right now for those who play through Collei’s event in Genshin Impact version 3.0. It’s available for any players who are at least Adventure Rank 20, and the ‘quick start’ feature allows anyone to start it, regardless of their progress in the Archon questline. If you’re struggling with the new quest, our Contemplation Answers guide should help see you through.