Genshin Impact Quiz 2.0 offers even more free Primogem rewards

The Genshin Impact Quiz contest has returned and, this time, HoYoverse gives players a chance to win more Primogems thanks to a larger prize pool

Genshin Impact quiz: A floating fairy is smiling happily

A new Genshin Impact quiz is live soon, and it’s something to take note of if you’re after free stuff in HoYoverse’s massive RPG. Fans rarely turn down opportunities to earn free Primogems without relying on Genshin Impact codes, and HoYoverse’s knowledge-based contest, returning as HoYo Quiz 2.0, has plenty to offer. And this time, the event is aiming to be even bigger and better than the previous HoYo Quiz by increasing both the maximum number of participants allowed and the number of rewards.

Each game in HoYo Quiz 2.0 will allow 20,000 players to join, and participants can now earn up to 1,500 Primogems in each round of the contest, while 40 sets of 60 Primogems will be distributed to spectators. On top of the extra rewards, there are also a few other slight differences and new features that shake up the gameplay in unexpected ways, even for returning players.

First off, a Magic Eraser tool has been added to the game that allows players to randomly erase one incorrect answer from the list of choices on a question, making the contest even more like a real game show. Both you and a friend will gain a single use of the Magic Eraser tool each time that said friend inputs your invitation code on the HoYo Quiz 2.0 event page.


The quiz event page will go live on the HoYoLAB website in late August – HoYoverse didn’t specify an exact date – and players must still participate through the HoYoLAB app when answering questions.

HoYoverse has also added one more big twist to the gameplay by asking players to join one of three teams: Team Courage, Team Wisdom, or Team Power. Teams will compete each week to gain the highest win rate in the contest. The winning team’s members will be able to earn more Primogems, merchandise, and other virtual items, so pick wisely by voting at the bottom of the  HoYoLAB post outlining the event.

HoYo Quiz 2.0 comes at the perfect time because plenty of players will need those extra Primogems to pull for the new characters arriving in Genshin Impact version 3.0 starting August 24.