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Genshin Impact reputation guide - how to increase your reputation

Here's how to increase your reputation in Mondstadt and Liyue

Want to know how to increase your Genshin Impact reputation? Genshin Impact is a breathtaking – and adorable – open world action RPG game, in which your party of four adventurers sets out across the fantasy world of Teyvat, slaying enemies and completing challenges to increase their Adventure Rank and raise the World Level to match their newfound strength.

It’s proven incredibly popular since its release earlier this year, and Genshin Impact’s 1.1 update introduced a bunch of new characters, events, weapons, and a brand new reputation system. This system allows players to accept quests to boost their reputation in the cities of Mondstadt and Liyue – and acquire blueprints for powerful weapons, recipes, and even gliders in return.

There are eight reputation levels for each city, and you need to achieve increasing amounts of reputation in order to meet these requirements and receive your rewards. There are four ways to increase your reputation – but some of them are restricted on a weekly basis, so choose carefully. Here’s everything you need to know about increasing your Genshin Impact reputation.

Genshin Impact reputation NPCs location

Hertha, the coordinator for the Knights of Favonius, will give you reputation quests in Mondstadt, in the northeast of the city.

Behind the adventurer’s guild in Liyue, you’ll find Ms. Yu, the secretary of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, who will give you your reputation quests and rewards.

Talk to Madarame Hyakubei in Inazuma to unlock the reputation menu, he can be found at the Kamisato Estate.

Genshin Impact reputation quests

There are four types of reputation quests:

  • Bounties – these require you to hunt and defeat various bounty targets. You can complete up to three bounties each week, across all cities – for more information about tracking these down, see our Genshin Impact bounties guide.
  • Requests – these are requests from local residents to perform various tasks to help them out – you’ll receive reputation as a reward, plus some Mora for your trouble. Like bounties, you can accept three requests a week.
  • World Exploration – you gain reputation through increasing your exploration progress in both cities, with rewards available for reaching each 20% increment of exploration progress.
  • Region quests – you gain reputation from completing side quests, main quests, or daily commissions in the city. These quests can’t be picked up from the reputation NPC – you’ll have to find and complete them yourself to unlock the bonus reputation.

Genshin Impact reputation rewards

Once you’ve reached each of the eight reputation levels in Genshin Impact, you’ll receive the following rewards:


  • Level 1: Northern Apple Stew Cooking Recipe
  • Level 2: Anemoculus Resonance Stone Crafting Blueprint, and the Mondstadt Mining Outcrop Search
  • Level 3: Wind Catcher Forging Blueprint
  • Level 4: Mondstadt – Hero’s Fame Namecard, the Adventurer’s Breakfast Sandwich Cooking Recipe, and Mondstadt Merchant Discounts
  • Level 5: NRE (Menu 30) Forging Blueprint
  • Level 6: Anemo Treasure Compass Forging Blueprint and Portable Waypoint Crafting Blueprint
  • Level 7: Mondstadt – Blessing Namecard and Moon Pie Cooking Recipe
  • Level 8: Wings of Azure Wind Glider


  • Level 1 : Golden Shrimp Balls Cooking Recipe
  • Level 2: Geoculus Resonance Stone Crafting Blueprint, and the Liyue Mining Outcrop Search
  • Level 3: Condensed Resin Crafting Blueprint
  • Level 4: Liyue – A Thousand Ships Namecard, the Lotus Flower Crisp Cooking Recipe, and Liyue Merchant Discounts
  • Level 5: Adepti Seeker’s Stove Forging Blueprint
  • Level 6: Geo Treasure Compass Forging Blueprint
  • Level 7: Liyue – In the Clouds Namecard, and Tianshu Meat Cooking Recipe
  • Level 8: Wings of Golden Flight Glider


  • Level 1: Konda Cuisine Recipe
  • Level 2: Pines Awaiting the Twilight, and Stone Lantern: Fudoumyou’s Light Blueprints
  • Level 3: Naku Weed Seed
  • Level 4: Inazuma Kamisato Crest, Rice Cake Soup Recipe
  • Level 5: Red Feather Fan
  • Level 6: Long Yumemiru Table and Tea Wisp-Clouded White Couch Blueprints
  • Level 7: Inazuma Raiden Emblem and Butter Crab Recipe
  • Level 8: Electroculus Resonance Stone
  • Level 9: Electro Treasure Compass
  • Level 10: Wings of the Stormstrider

That’s everything you’ll need to boost your Genshin Impact reputation – if you’re hungry for more open-world games or anime games on PC, we’ve got you covered.