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How to get snowman components in Genshin Impact

For The Snowy Past event in Genshin Impact, you need to build Puffy Snowmen from components found around Dragonspine Mountain

A Genshin Impact character standing next to a snowman with a santa hat

If you’ve begun the Shadow Amidst Snowstorms event, you need to collect various snowman components to make Puffy Snowmen for this wintery challenge. Once you’ve successfully built your snowmen in your camp, you’re rewarded with snowmen torsos, which you can take into your Serenitea Pot as lovely winter decorations.

The first event after Act 1 of Shadow Amidst Snowstorms, The Snowy Past, has already begun, and finishes on December 1. You need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 to take on this festive challenge in Dragonspine Mountain – it’s worth the time, as the reward is not just snowy pals for your realm, but a powerful four-star weapon, the Cinnabar Spindle.

Once you’ve completed Act 1, you can build Puffy Snowmen in camp, but you need to collect a bunch of components first. It’s not just the sword on offer, either, you can also earn primogems and mora, plus emblems from completing training activities. Here’s how to build Puffy Snowmen in Genshin Impact, and where to find all snowman components for your frosty friend.

How to get snowman components in Genshin Impact

To get snowman components, you need to take part in Dragonspine Special Training. Tracker training requires you to melt ice crystal piles, which reveal snowman components, as well as emblems and primogems – there are eight tracker training challenges available on the map. Combat training also rewards a snowman head – you need to activate lures and fight enemies before the clock runs out; you also need scarlet quartz to activate these eight training challenges.

How to build Puffy Snowmen in Genshin Impact

To build a puffy snowman you need the following components:

  • Snowman head
  • Snowman hands
  • Snowman scarf
  • Snowman eyes
  • Snowman nose

You can also send and receive snowman components in Genshin Impact via the event page, trading and helping out friends is another quick way to get the components you need. If you’re looking for more primogems, here are all the latest Genshin Impact codes.