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Is Genshin Impact on Steam?

If you want to play Genshin Impact on Steam, but can't find the store page or how to download it on the platform, here's everything you need to know.

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Is Genshin Impact on Steam? Most PC gamers are pretty keen on avoiding adding yet another launcher, so it’s no surprise that a huge number of people are looking for a Genshin Impact Steam download.

However, if you search for Genshin Impact on Steam you’ll find there’s no dedicated page for the game. At the time of writing, Genshin Impact isn’t officially available on Steam. In addition to this, there’s absolutely no word on whether Genshin Impact will ever get a Steam release date – so holding out for one is perhaps not the best use of your time. On PC, the only place you can grab the game’s launcher is directly via Mihoyo’s website or the Epic Games Store, although the anime game is also available on Android, iOS, and PS4. There are ways to get Genshin Impact into your Steam client, however, so read on.

How to get Genshin Impact on Steam

Fortunately, there is a way to get Genshin Impact on Steam, allowing you to access all of Steam’s features without needing to be officially integrated. By utilizing Steam’s ability to add non-Steam games to the platform, you can run practically any game on the platform while gaining access to chat and unique controller setups.

First, you’ll need to download Genshin Impact and its launcher. Once that’s all downloaded and installed open up Steam and log in. If you’re in your library or store view, look to the bottom left corner for the ‘add a game’ option. Click this and then choose the top option: ‘add a non-Steam game’. Scroll through the list of apps until you find Genshin Impact and then click the check box on the left, and finally ‘add selected programs’.

And that’s it. It’s not the same as a dedicated Steam page, but it helps you keep everything in one spot, plus you can even add your own custom artwork so Genshin Impact looks the part in your library.

If you’ve just added Genshin Impact to Steam and you’re ready to dive in, check out the best free Steam games and the Genshin Impact system requirements if you’re just getting started.